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The Royalty Based CrowdFounding Platform

Connect with other driven people to create and launch your next product with little to no upfront capital and earn royalties proportional to your contribution!

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CrowdFounding Platform

The crowd powered platform, social network, and tool set used by product visionaries and forward thinkers to quickly bring products to market and profitability.



Identity Simplified

Passwordless Authentication and Authorization for People and Services.


Smooth Planning Ahead

Instantly know where your product development is, how you are tracking on everything, and what is slowing you down.


Cut the Slack

Built for how humans communicate, not bots. Quickly deploy a chatroom anywhere, for any purpose, and connect them together.


Crowd Sourced Bounty Board

Tap into your community for one-off content from your Most Wanted List.

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CrowdFunding Platform

Build campaigns for crowd funding your products and product development.



Contextual Feedback

Real time contextual feedback tied directly to user experiences, experiments and feature flags.



Accessible Blockchain like Services

Deploy your content securely to a private distributed ledger in minutes.


Product Backlog

Add your product to the Product Backlog to be among the first products when the Lonch Platform enters beta!

How It Works

Bounty Opportunity!

Create this video and earn
500 Royalty Tokens with Lonch

Collaborate with the team to create a script that describes the problem and solution in an accessible and user focused way. Animate a video and provide voice over for the video all while adhering to our design guidelines.

The Problem

Most startups fail, there are many reasons for that, one of which being that the product runs out of money before it can find market fit.

Another reason startups fail is because most entrepreneurs and their founding team are not capable to do everything a startup needs throughout its life cycle. Risk of financial ruin and losing control of the company vision prevent many would be entrepreneurs from taking the plunge and embarking on the path to creating products.


Most startup infrastructure, like incubators and accelerators, are based in faraway places like big cities and Silicon Valley.

Startup Capital

Companies that need money to cover upfront expenses become burdened with debt, or must sell ownership of their vision.

Lopsided Risk / Reward

Business owners assume almost all the risk. Employees or contractors assume very little risk but gain stability.


Neither companies nor employee can branch out and try new things outside of the established business roles.

The Solution

Lonch reduces the risk of bringing an unknown product to market. By moving compensation to when a product makes money, contributors are empowered to bring a product to market fast and iterate. This also eliminates one of the biggest costs of starting a business: acquiring and financtially compensating domain experts.

Lonch is there for you every step of the way to bring a product to market.

It starts with you

You join and add your skills to the ecosystem. Without people like you, this service is nothing. Because of you, the possibilities are endless.

Pitch or join a product

Find a product you are passionate about, join and contribute. Pitch a unique product to the community and recruit others. Or contribute to multiple products at once.

Open / Closed Product

A hybrid of a fluid open community and  ownership.

Slicing the Pie

Compensation occurs on the backend. All effort is tracked and saved in a secure distributed ledger, the same technology that powers cryptocurrencies. When a product begins to makes money, so do all of its contributors.

Invest in yourself, and your community

Apply your expertise and available time to build an investment in a diversified portfolio of products. Gain the potential for much larger rewards and a longer tail.


Become the master or your work life balance, in a way that has never been this easy before. Work as much as you want, on whatever you want, from wherever you want.

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