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What is a Core Product?

Core Products represent services supported by the Core Lonch Team. Early in the life cycle of Lonch the core products align with the services required to build and service the customers of the ecosystem. As Lonch matures, these will expand to include services and products that fill specific needs for those in the ecosystem. 

Each core product contributes 30%* of its revenue back to Lonch. While distributing the remaining revenue less expenses (profit) back to the contributors. Lonch then in turn redistributes 30%* of its revenue back across all core products. Each core product is evaluated by a governing council and determined by the product’s merit to the importance of the ecosystem, this will determine the percentage of the redistributed funds the core product will receive. It’s entirely probable that an important core product, such as the website, will receive more in redistributed funds than it would make directly as a product. The redistribution amount will be available to all Lonch Core Product contributors, and will be subject to change monthly as products mature, priorities shift, and revenue increases.

It’s the goal for all Core Products to be synergistic in nature. Filling a real world market need, as well as providing value to the Lonch Ecosystem.

* may be subject to change.

Core Product Requirements

Fill a unique need to the ecosystem, thus enhancing it

It’s not enough for a product to be useful or revenue generating to make it a core product. It must fulfil a need for the platform. In so doing it is adding value directly to the platform and thus deserves future compensation from the platform’s success.

Be completely self sustaining, and available as an a-la-carte service.

Lonch is a product focused company to the extreme. Even the technology that makes up the platform must be done so through an enabler product. These enabler products are the Core Products, and they are how revenue is generated for the Lonch Platform until visionary based products start to produce revenue.

Why should I contribute to a Core Products?

By joining a Core Product you are helping to bootstrap the Lonch Platform. You will also receive royalties for sales that run through the Core Product. Royalties come from a la carte sales to users and businesses which use the Core Product, and a portion of royalties from the future success of the Lonch Platform is fed back into the Core Products that make up the platform.