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Brand Guide


Lonch is all about People, Teamwork, Inclusivity, Creativity, Ethics, and lastly, Products. 

While outwardly it may appear that products are our primary focus, it is our view that quality and innovative products cannot be achieved without the foundation of the preceding values.

Brand Structure

Brand Platforms

Service Provider

Lonch offers a la carte services to customers. These services are consumed following typical B2B practices.

Lonch Platform

Lonch offers a CrowdFounding platform which functions as a combination product accelerator, product funding, and collaborative workspace.

Service Provider Brand

Service Customers

Customer Definition

  • Businesses or Startups
  • Product focused
  • Building a product
  • Cost Adverse

Alias: Typical Business (B2B service consumer)


Services add value to my product affordably, usually solving a now obvious problem I didn’t know I had.


Our personality establishes the foundation of the Lonch brand. It is a product of our mission, and a reflection of our culture, values, and promise to customers. We make sure that these traits come through in all of our customer-facing communications and content.

External Personality Attributes

Defined by the individual services

Internal Personality Attributes

  • Innovative
  • Forward Thinking
  • Lean

Lonch Platform


Broken Cogs

Regardless of age, race, creed, or geographic location they challenge the status quo. They are hundreds of millions of people worldwide who want to take control of their work life and safeguard their future. They believe that with the right tools, their own experience, and grit, they can bring their ideas to fruition. They understand the importance of sharing; shared risk and shared reward. We know them because we are them.

We Know Them Because We Are Them

Product Visionaries

Customers are those who:

  • Contribute to the platform
  • Found products
  • Build teams

Alias: Entrepreneur


Customers are those who:

  • Contribute to one or more product
  • Expect compensation proportional to their contribution  in exchange for work / expertise investment.

Alias: Remote Workers, Investor


Product Visionaries

Lonch is everything I need to bring my idea to market for little to no out of pocket cost.


Be impactful doing what I love, and share in the success like never before.


Our personality establishes the foundation of the Lonch brand. It is a product of our mission, and a reflection of our culture, values, and promise to customers. We make sure that these traits come through in all of our customer-facing communications and content.

External Personality Attributes


Lonch is built upon the collaboration of others, both internally and externally. We derive our creativity from the diversity of our community. We believe that everyone is a valued contributor and that Lonch can help them with their journey to contribute. We believe anyone, anywhere, with any level of experience should be able to contribute regardless of gender, race, or creed. We believe that shared risk should mean shared reward, and that when there’s a success everyone should win.


Lonch is synonymous with success. By using Lonch, success feels imminent. The user feels empowered. They now have the tools, people, and knowledge they need to succeed.


We exude integrity throughout our organization. We publish only when we are ready and stand by what we say, we do not belittle the competition. We are a beacon of trust among shady ne’er do wells. We think of our customers first and how to keep their information secure, and how to ensure that our community is only filled with trustworthy and ethical people. We are the first to put in the extra effort to take ownership of trust. We will earn this trust not by doing what is easy, but by doing what is hard. We plan to be exceptional, execute exceptionally, and when there’s an exception, own our faults and grow.

Internal Personality Attributes


We take pride in thinking differently and solving root problems in unique ways. We solve simple problems at scale. Transversely, we also solve scale problems at the atomic level. We may enter similar spaces as existing products, but for Lonch groupthink is the enemy. We will never solve the same problem as a competitor in the “traditional” group think fashion. We challenge the status quo at every level. Don’t do what has been done before, do what needs to be done.


We are greater than the sum of our parts. We work together to challenge beliefs and assumptions, and craft unique solutions to problems that have never been solved before. One person can not, and should not stand alone.

We are our own customer, everything we do is geared toward making it easier for people to work together. The tools we build are the tools we use to help build future tools.

Forward Thinking

We play the long game. Every decision is framed around how it will help the company achieve future success. This is true in every facet that the company is operating. We are building an ever growing pyramid, the only way up is through a solid foundation. Lonch will always have a master plan for a product backlog.


Lonch is Lean to the core. Everything begins as a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) and every assumption is validated through actionable metrics. We iterate through the lens of maximizing value to our customers and our ecosystem of products. One of our most important customers is our Lonch Platform.

External Voice

We are the Guide in the visionary’s “Hero’s Journey”. We are the “Call to Action” that gets them out of their rut and moving forward. We are their peers, we have been in their shoes before and know their difficulties. We are the friendly and relatable authority who speaks concisely, passionately, and correctly.

We know we are on to something good, we truly think the Lonch platform is the future of business. We share in the excitement of impending success for all our product visionaries and contributors

Key Attributes

  • Mentor
  • Friendly and Relatable
  • Passionate
  • Concise
  • Correct
  • Evangelize

Writing Style

Clear, concise, correct, and accessible. We convey new and complex ideas in a way that even non-native speakers can understand. We know good things last, we’re timeless and classic, not “cool” and “edgy”.