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Lonch is a social network of creators who join products as visionaries and contributors to bring products to market as a distributed team.

 Lonch Core Products

Lonch creates Core Products to be used by CrowdFounded product teams “free of charge” in exchange shares in royalties generated by the product. Through these Core Products Lonch provides tools to help CrowdFounded products succeed and assumes the upfront risk in the event that those CrowdFounded products do not succeed, to remove the upfront financial burden from the CrowdFounding product team. 

By contributing to this Core Product you are helping to bootstrap the Lonch Platform. 


Social Network

More than launching products, at its core Lonch is about the people. We connect people from all skill sets and experiences to help build great products. After all, nothing is possible without the people.

Team Building

Build your team from our professional social network. You are no longer priced out of top talent and domain experts because you can’t afford to pay or compete with large companies.

"Free" to Bring Idea to Market

Lonch is a one stop shop for bringing a product from idea to market with as little as no up front capital.

Just In Time Business Formation

Work like a true startup, don’t worry about paying your team or splitting equity. Just work on getting your product to market, and when it’s ready let Lonch form your business entity just in time for free.

Product Marketing

Get your product in front of a large audience of people. Some of which may want to help it grow, others may have been waiting impatiently to buy it.

Our "Killer App"

We have some pretty killer services, but our killer app is your killer app, even if it takes 10+ tries to succeed, Lonch, and our community, are here  with you to catapult you to success.


Product Planning

With the use of Rapids, planning has never been easier. Know exactly how long it will take to achieve any planned milestone, where you’re blocked, and how you can accelerate your product development.


With heavily integrated Taut, we allow people to communicate the way humans communicate. 


With Raisr, run crowd funding campaigns tie directly to your Lonch Product.

Make Informed Decisions

Lonch provides tools to help you make informed decisions based on your customers. Make assumptions, tie those assumptions to actual KPIs and experiment to test those assumptions. Gut feeling is not enough anymore.

Market Competitors

Below are a list of the most successful competitors in this space.

Open Source Projects

The closest analogy, and in fact a big inspiration for Lonch are open source projects. They’re decentralized, and focus on creating quality products independent of paying their team. This format generally works due to contributors willingness to volunteer and work for free. Lonch by comparison is closed source (unless you want to do open source, your choice!), distributed, and allows for contributors to benefit from their contributions.

Traditional Business

Traditional business promises stability* in exchange for your contribution. You receive guaranteed hours of work, a pay check every week or two, and all you have to do is show up and execute as expected. Individiaul excelence is often given as an example of how to get head but frequently ignored for seniority. In this model the company has taken on the majority of the risk, to provide stability* to the worker, as such, the majority of the financial success benefits the company.

* Stability not guaranteed, if the product or business fails the worker may be out of a job.


Kickstarter (and other crowdfunding sites) had noble beginnings but became a crowdsourced pre-order website. It allows people to buy product related items (t-shirts, books, etc.) or even the promise of the product itself. But that is where the community and their contributor contributions end.

Kickstarter has no skin in the game, because it makes its money off you funding your product. Once your product has been funded, their job is done.


Republic leverage tokens and cryptocurrency to raise funds for start ups. While the method for raising money is new, they rely on traditional SEC regulation (even if it’s relatively new regulation) to do so. Once the money is raised it can be used according to the agreements that were set forth during the campaign. It requires up front money to launch a campaign and with that comes a fair amount of risk for the founding team.


AngelList is a social network for surfacing start ups to talent, and vice versa. It’s fairly singular in its purpose and is mostly used for evangelizing yourself and recruiting talent.

Product Hunt

Where as AngelList focuses on pairing people and startups, Product Hunt is more of a social network for advertising products and the social reactions related to those products.

Why Create Another Solution?

There are already many ways to build products, so why should we create another?


No "Free" Options for Bootstrapping Products

Lonch is a one stop shop for bringing a product from idea to market with little to no up front capital.

Lonch needs Federated User Authorization

Lonch needs the ability to govern access to functionality within the Core Products. This will control what users have access to their ability to influnce the products. We also use proprietary solutions perform backend only authentication without relying on untrusted client side credentials.

Lonch wants to reduce cost.

Lonch has no control over up front expenses for 3rd party solutions. While it may be possible one day to negotiate such conditions. The current market demands that we build our own products that we can then sell B2B, and offer for “free” to our platform customers.

Lonch wants to provide a turnkey set of tools to its users

Part of our commitment to our community is to add value in exchange for a stake in their product success. This means a better customer experience, and a set of tools that let’s products hit the ground running.

Lonch needs to Discover, Authenticate and Authorize services

Lonch treats services and products much like users, allowing for claim and permissioned access. It uses proprietary solutions to discover services and quickly stitch services together.


Lonch uses all external products internally to build Lonch. In doing so we empower our team to identify and improve the products and processes throughout the entire product network.


Below is the overall progress for the first release of the Lonch Platform

Milestone: Establish Vision

Goal Status
Establish as a C Corp
Build a Brand Guide
Build MVP Service Page
Deploy Brand Guide to a public website
Write Pitch Deck
Create Product Page for Lonch Platform
Create Product Page for Locke
Create Product Page for Raisr
Create Product Page for Rapids
Create Product Page for Bloxie
Create Product Page for Loope
Create Product Page for Taut
Create Product Page for Bounti
Start a Republic Funding Campaign
Acquire additional seed funding

Milestone: Develop Spec

Goal Status
Write User Stories for Release
Write Acceptance Criteria for Release
Plan Cloud Architecture around microservices and FaaS
Create Wireframes for Front End Service and User Flow and Customer Landing Page

Milestone: Development

Goal Status
Setup JIRA project
Create Product: Locke
Create Product: Raisr
Create Product: Rapids
Create Product: Bloxie
Create Product: Loope
Create Product: Taut
Create Product: Bounti
Integrate products together to create Lonch Platform


Milestone: Go To Market

Goal Status
Deploy Lonch Platform
Setup Social Media Presence
Engage Social Influencers
Setup and Write Blog Articles
Develop Pricing Strategy
Deploy Live to the World
Setup SEO
Setup Marketing and Retention Campaign


Risk Mitigation Concern
The Lonch Platform does not live up to its promise. To fulfill our promises we’ve decided to group the functionality into individual products. To this end, the Lonch Platform is architected as a collection of products and services united under a common user interface. This is great, as it also allows us to practice what we preach. High
The entire Lonch Platform is  architected with many dependencies on products that do not yet exist. We are tapping the community to help build out these services. In fact the first set of products on Lonch, are the products to make the Lonch Platform. We’re also looking at open source solutions as a foundation when it makes sense to do so. High
By requiring all core products to be stand alone products in addition to core functionality for the Lonch Platform we are adding additional development time, and strain on fundamental products.

Generally, we will be targeting core product functionality first before going live as a stand alone product.

The contributing team could choose to target live users first as a fast track to royalties where it makes sense. But the largest gains are ultimately in getting the Lonch Platform live.

People won’t trust the platform to properly give out royalties due to them.

Trust is a hard thing to earn, and is why a platform like this needs to exist. There needs to be a trusted authority to help with the problem of Slicing the Pie. We’re leveraging Blockchain to build a provisioned network of distributed ledgers to track all transactions. We’re also building tools to validate contributions, and lastly assembling a team to audit products if there is suspected foul play, and automated tools to look for suspected bad behavior before pay-out opportunities.

We create this service and there is no interest in it.

Perhaps our biggest assumption is wrong. We assume that people will be willing to migrate from consistent and steady pay based on hours worked for the promise of royalties based on the impact of the contribution proportional to future revenue. We think there are natural migration paths for every traditional worker to mitigate their own risk in embracing Lonch.

Our mitigation is that we are building services that can survive on their own and pay for the platform. Perhaps we’ll have to pivot to a different market, or perhaps we’ll have to wait until the world shifts into this bold new way of working, because we strongly believe this is the future,

Putting all of this information online makes it really easy for someone else to steal the idea or create a competing product.

This is true. Someone could take the entire idea, road map, and execute on it. It’s our hope that someone who finds that much value in the idea would join us instead. After all, if they contribute, they can earn royalties on the success of the product.

Our team feels that we’re the best team to execute on this vision. We have spent years in ideation and planning and this is only the tip of the iceberg.


Current Open Positions

Products on the Lonch platform are 100% based on contributions from contributors. It is possible for a single contributor to “wear multiple hats” and contribute across multiple role expectations below. We look to provide skill coverage among the listed expectations. Since this is a different way to think about work, and to make it easier to digest, we are listing individual roles in the traditional business model. We fully expect individuals to provide partial overlap for many of these expectations. As this product and platform matures we will likely list skill sets as opposed to antiquated roles.

Traditional Role Expectations
Advisor Advisors will provide insight into services similar to Lonch and help us avoid common pitfalls and identify unique feature offerings that pull us out of the traditional red ocean of Communication systems.
Product Manager

Experience managing a software product for both internal and external use.

Has an innate understanding of feature requirements and what brings values to customers at every levels (B2B, B2C, and Internal Consumption).

Project Manager

Scrummaster and Agile development expertise, ensuring a project stays on task and work is being effectively delivered.

Familiar with budgeting and compensation for work delivered.

Legal Counsel

Security and Liability focused counsel to establish requirements for the team to follow. The ideal candidates will be proactive in identifying issues that may present problems with the business model a present, and into the future.

Experience writing Terms of Service and Privacy Policies for service and technology oriented businesses. Experience with GDPR and CCPA and can help ensure that we are compliant. Experience with international law as we scale Lonch globally.

Security Expert

Guide the team to best practices when building architecture around authentication, authorization and permissions, to ensure security holes are closed before being released to the wild. Ideal contributors will have experience as a Whitehat Hacker participating in programs like HackerOne.

Experience in:

    • Performing SQL Injection attacks
    • Cross-Origin Resource Sharing
    • Cross-site request forgery
    • Denial of Service
    • GDPR and CCPA and know the standard practices to identify user flows and scrubing data when users opt out of systems.
    • Perform penetration testing, and automated testing
    • Securing Cloud Based infrastructure, particularly around stateless implementations on AWS
Dev Ops Engineer Experience setting up DevOps cycles using typical development stacks such as: Git, CI/CD tools, automated testing, deployment to Docker, building local development environments, integration with issue tracking tools like JIRA, experience with FaaS services such as Kubeless.
Backend Software Engineer

Experience working with FaaS stateless backends, microservices, RESTful APIs, Websockets, Swagger, and building this all on a typescript platform, with unit and integration tests to validate code quality.

Must be security minded.

Frontend Software Engineer

Experience with building highl responsive frontend experiences that adhere to the UI/UX Designer’s requirements. Experience with React, ReactNative, VueJS, and other javascript solutions. Experience writing code in Typescript. Comfortable employing templating engines when it makes sense to do so.

Must be security minded.

Brand Manager Capable of working with the Product Visionary, Product Manager and the UI/UX designer to define the brand for the product.
AWS Certified Engineer Experience developing highly scaleable infrastructures using FaaS technologies in a cloud plaform agnostic way on AWS’ platform. Experience with EKS, Docker, Kubeless, EC2, S3, etc.
UI/UX Designer

Experience building stellar user experiences from the first moment the user is using our service. Everything should be intuitive and frictionless along the expected user flows as much as possible. You understand that in application development that user experience is paramount to building habits and that habits are key to customer retention.

This designer will help build our design system and design libraries for the product. They will form as a barrier to releasing works that do not adhere to design.

Recruiter Ability to identify trustworthy talent that believes in the vision of Lonch, and ultimately Lonch to trade their experience and skill for royalty tokens and a future stake in the product.



Be among the first to contribute to earn bonus Royalty Tokens.