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Our Beliefs

Core to how we operate is why we are challenging the status quo.

  • We believe people are more than the traditional roles business has set for them.
  • We believe that everyone has something to add, regardless of upbringing, country of origin, race, or creed.
  • We believe that when people are passionate about what they are creating, they create something better.
  • We believe good ideas can come from anywhere, and we believe those people should be empowered by removing friction to success.
  • We believe the right people added at the right time can multiply success.
  • We believe that teamwork is the key to successfully creating products with wide appeal.
  • We believe individuals should be embraced, their achievements recognized, and success compensated at the individual level.
  • We believe that the world has become one of mutual risk taking shared between both by companies, and the individuals who make up product teams. It’s time that the individual’s risk is taken into consideration.
  • We believe there is a better way for people to work leveraging the connectivity and multiplying effect of technology.

We’re building a platform based on these beliefs to challenge the beliefs of the past.

Leadership Team

Founder and CEO

Christopher Gulliver

A security minded serial entrepreneur and big dreamer, experienced building and managing globally distributed teams. Experienced in developing UX centric experiences (Apps and Video Games) and developing technologies built for both internal and external customers (Publicly available Tool Chains). Experienced with balancing cost and leading teams to build cloud infrastructure (AWS) leveraging Kubernetes and FaaS to scale from 0 to Global.

With 3 children who will one day enter the workforce, Christopher wants to redefine the business landscape and build a better way to work where his children can be embraced by the skill sets that make them unique and have a better work life balance, retirement and end of life expectations.

History: Current Director of Engineering for the mobile team at Prior to that Christopher was a Director of Engineering and a software engineer in one of the most user centric industries; video games. He has developed video games for franchises like Toy Story, Mickey Mouse, James Bond 007, Marvel and RAGE for for world class studios such as Disney, id Software, and Midway Games. He has worked on pushing technologies to their limits on platforms such as Xbox, Playstation, Nintendo Wii, Nintendo DS, iOS, Android, Oculus, Web, and PC.





In many ways Lonch, Inc. chronicles the Founder’s difficulties with breaking into the world of entrepreneurship. He grew up in a small town with limited resources, and a small reach. He lacked the family connections and community to learn the entrepreneurial process early and to find startup investment capital. Though with all these deficits, he did not lack grit, creative spirit, nor a belief that this could be done better.

Christopher came up with the core concept of what would become Lonch in 2004 with his brother Brian when they launched their first company. Lonch came from the simple of idea of tapping the reservoir of skilled workers on the Internet. Christopher has been refining the idea throughout the years, obsessing really, while keeping an eye out and waiting for the required technologies and market conditions to mature and become available. He believes now is the time to change the way the world does business.

While the landscape for business startup and product oriented creation has changed since 2004, there are still large gaps in accessibility, fairness, transparency, and trust that Lonch is poised to solve.

Trust has evolved in the startup space. Early on everyone operated in “stealth mode” to avoid anyone stealing the idea. We know the pains of this, as this practice has stunted Lonch’s trajectory as well. But now we think openness can be combined with the closed nature of business. Trust can also be difficult when dealing with equity. Everyone knows a story of someone who owns a large part of a successful company but has not and will not contribute to its success because they were there at the start. 

Lonch is about enabling people to achieve more, both at work and in their personal lives. Lonch facilitates a better work life balance and a connection between the relationship of financial gain with the sense of purpose that comes with creating new products. The founder has spent the last decade trying to reach a balance between working a day job, entrepreneurship, self funding Lonch, product planning, and, recently, raising 3 children with his wife. In fact, much of this story was written while he literally balanced one of his new born twins while typing on the laptop.