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Rapids is a a Product Delivery Management as a Service solution. It is a new approach to product delivery with a focus on a distributed workforce and treating deliverables naturally as a network of dependencies and value streams.

 Rapids is a Core Product of the Lonch Platform

Rapids will be a viable standalone product, while also providing a central service that facilitates CrowdFunding to all other services on the Lonch platform.

Lonch creates Core Products to be used by CrowdFounded product teams “free of charge” in exchange shares in royalties generated by the product. Through these Core Products Lonch provides tools to help CrowdFounded products succeed and assumes the upfront risk in the event that those CrowdFounded products do not succeed, to remove the upfront financial burden from the CrowdFounding product team. 

By contributing to this Core Product you are helping to bootstrap the Lonch Platform. 


Product Delivery Management Evolved

Leverage our custom approach to to ensure your product is delivered on time and delivering the intended value across all value streams.

Create Cascades

Cascades, not waterfalls, are the route to fast predictable delivery. Cascades comprise of task dependencies, streams, and pools.

Plan Naturally

Use the natural power of dependencies and let Rapids expose bottlenecks in real time as your resources and remaining work shift and proactively adjust resources to reduce delays.

Dependency Chains

Rapids does not believe in artificially flattening dependencies and relying on smaller iteration cycles to implicitly resolve dependencies.

Agile Support

Wether you prefer Kanban or Scrum or SAFe, Rapids supports your existing work flow.


A collection of resources, such as workers, services, or bots to complete work flow items. Each resource can be thought of as a stream subscriber.


The flow of work flow items to pools. Streams often follow certain rules or criteria which map to pools.


Native level integrations with commonly used services.

AI Smarts

AI trained to help you maximize your flow. Spot bottle necks, and optimize task order to facilitate worker availability for each pool 

Execute in Order

All work is automatically ordered based on defined priorities, dependencies, and available resources.

At a Glance Visibility

See where any work is at a glance and how long it will take for completion.

Template Dependency Chains

Define common work flow items and their dependencies as templates, then use those templates to work faster.

Immutable History

The option to enable a blockchain inspired history to ensure that the history is pure. If it’s ever necessary to prove accountability, there are audit tools available.

Market Competitors

Below are a list of the most successful competitors in this space.


Amazon claims to be simple identity platform but their documentation and tools behind the scene are difficult to use and understand.


Okta has taken a kitchen sink approach to identity and offers tons of options for just about every possible need. They are more focused directly on businesses and their internal network, and priced out of being used for users for web and mobile services.


Auth0 supports multiple types of authentication and authorization with focus on the customer’s ease of implementation. Their pricing is reasonable. They’re probably our biggest competitor.


Amazon claims to be simple identity platform but their documentation and tools behind the scene are difficult to use and understand.

Why Create Another Solution?

There are already many project planning solutions available, so why should we create our own?


Production at a glance

Most project planning and management software often takes one of two paths. Plan everything waterfall style, or execute on a short slice of the plan in the form of Agile. This means that your visibility into execution of the overall production, as well as the results of a live product are either hidden, or so difficult to discover they might as well not exist.

 Rapids focuses on making work flow management easy. Setup an initial configuration, change it on the fly, and see the direct results of your changes instantly. Know exactly how long it  is estimated to take to achieve a given goal.


Lonch needs to be able to track work flow in a manner that does not currently exist.

Lonch needs the ability to track work flow with traceability and accountability. Each unit of work needs to be assigned to a contributor and the result of that work correlates into distribution of royalty tokens to the contributor through a smart contract.

Out of the box support for this does not exist for any existing solution.

Lonch Requires immutable and audit-able history

The entire history of product development require an audit-able history for keeping a history of work completed and by whom. This ensures accountability and fairness with distribution of Royalty Tokes. 

This need in itself is probably the most fundamental need for the Lonch Platform’s ability to establish trust. If anyone can opaquely change allocations after the fact, then it is very easy for the platform to become unfair.

Lonch wants to reduce cost.

Lonch has no control over up front expenses for 3rd party solutions. While it may be possible one day to negotiate such conditions. The current market demands that we build our own products that we can then sell B2B, and offer for “free” to our platform customers.

Lonch wants to provide a turnkey set of tools to its users

Part of our commitment to our community is to add value in exchange for a stake in their product success. This means a better customer experience, and a set of tools that let’s products hit the ground running.


Below is the overall progress for the first v1.0 release which focuses on a Minimum Viable Product (MVP).

Milestone: Develop Spec

Goal Status
Plan Cloud Architecture around microservices and FaaS

Develop Spec, Milestones and Roadmap


Risk Mitigation Concern
Entire Lonch Platform depends on Rapids failure to execute could result in the entire platform being unusable. We are developing an MVP of Rapids early on to ensure that Rapids grows to serve the needs of Lonch first and foremost. High
Getting security right is incredibly hard. We are leveraging Locke for API centric security. We’re also employing best practices right from the beginning by ensuring we have qualified security experts on the team. Medium
We create this service and there is no interest in it. We will still be adding value to products that use the Lonch Platform which will help bootstrap the service as more people leverage the free service. Medium

Join the Rapids Team

By joining this product you are helping to bootstrap the Lonch Platform. You will also receive royalties for sales that run through the Rapids service. Royalties come from a la carte sales to businesses which use Rapids, and a portion of royalties from the future success of the Lonch Platform is fed back into the Core Products that make up the platform. 

We want contributors who are dedicated to the product and the Lonch Platform as a whole, but we understand that people’s priorities and lives can change. Because of that we only require a short term commitment. When you’re ready to move on to other product teams or ventures you are free to do so, knowing that your royalties will continue to be paid to you even after you have left.

Contributors make their own schedules, work wherever they want, and must provide their own equipment (computer, hardware, software, services).

Current Open Positions

Products on the Lonch platform are 100% based on contributions from contributors. It is possible for a single contributor to “wear multiple hats” and contribute across multiple role expectations below. We look to provide skill coverage among the listed expectations. Since this is a different way to think about work, and to make it easier to digest, we are listing individual roles in the traditional business model. We fully expect individuals to provide partial overlap for many of these expectations. As this product and platform matures we will likely list skill sets as opposed to antiquated roles.

Traditional Role Expectations
Advisor Advisors will provide insight into services similar to Rapids and help us avoid common pitfalls and identify unique feature offerings that pull us out of the traditional red ocean of Project Management.
Product Manager

Experience managing a software product for both internal and external use.

Has an innate understanding of feature requirements and what brings values to customers at every levels (B2B, B2C, and Internal Consumption).

Project Manager

Scrummaster and Agile development expertise, ensuring a project stays on task and work is being effectively delivered.

Familiar with budgeting and compensation for work delivered.

Legal Counsel

Security and Liability focused counsel to establish requirements for the team to follow. The ideal candidates will be proactive in identifying issues that may present problems with the business model a present, and into the future.

Experience writing Terms of Service and Privacy Policies for service and technology oriented businesses. Experience with GDPR and CCPA and can help ensure that we are compliant. Experience with international law as we scale Rapids globally.

Security Expert

Guide the team to best practices when building architecture around authentication, authorization and permissions, to ensure security holes are closed before being released to the wild. Ideal contributors will have experience as a Whitehat Hacker participating in programs like HackerOne.

Experience in:

    • Performing SQL Injection attacks
    • Cross-Origin Resource Sharing
    • Cross-site request forgery
    • Denial of Service
    • GDPR and CCPA and know the standard practices to identify user flows and scrubing data when users opt out of systems.
    • Perform penetration testing, and automated testing
    • Securing Cloud Based infrastructure, particularly around stateless implementations on AWS
Dev Ops Engineer Experience setting up DevOps cycles using typical development stacks such as: Git, CI/CD tools, automated testing, deployment to Docker, building local development environments, integration with issue tracking tools like JIRA, experience with FaaS services such as Kubeless.
Backend Software Engineer

Experience working with FaaS stateless backends, microservices, RESTful APIs, Websockets, Swagger, and building this all on a typescript platform, with unit and integration tests to validate code quality.

Must be security minded.

Frontend Software Engineer

Experience with building highl responsive frontend experiences that adhere to the UI/UX Designer’s requirements. Experience with React, ReactNative, VueJS, and other javascript solutions. Experience writing code in Typescript. Comfortable employing templating engines when it makes sense to do so.

Must be security minded.

Brand Manager Capable of working with the Product Visionary, Product Manager and the UI/UX designer to define the brand for the product.
AWS Certified Engineer Experience developing highly scaleable infrastructures using FaaS technologies in a cloud plaform agnostic way on AWS’ platform. Experience with EKS, Docker, Kubeless, EC2, S3, etc.
UI/UX Designer

Experience building stellar user experiences from the first moment the user is using our service. Everything should be intuitive and frictionless along the expected user flows as much as possible. You understand that in application development that user experience is paramount to building habits and that habits are key to customer retention.

This designer will help build our design system and design libraries for the product. They will form as a barrier to releasing works that do not adhere to design.

Recruiter Ability to identify trustworthy talent that believes in the vision of Rapids, and ultimately Lonch to trade their experience and skill for royalty tokens and a future stake in the product.



Be among the first to contribute to earn bonus Royalty Tokens.